Ukraine: 69% of imported fresh dairy products are from Poland

With the beginning of summer, the demand for milk and certain fermented milk products – yogurts with fillers, kefir and ryazhanka – have somewhat decreased. At the same time, as always during the strawberry season, sales of sour cream, cream and “white” yogurts have increased. – INFAGRO

Prices for fresh dairy products do not change significantly, but in the sales of sour cream and cream fewer promotions are practiced. This  reduction is temporary, in July sales of these products will also need to be stimulated by price discounts.

Until the end of June, the demand for fresh dairy products will remain relatively high, but later its decrease is not excluded.

Imports and exports of fresh dairy products are not increasing. Traditionally, the lion’s share, 88%, of production last month was exported to Moldova.

Poland remains the main supplier of fresh dairy products to Ukraine, its share in the total structure of imports is 69%.


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