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OLGA KOZAK, IFCN Representative in Ukraine, Lead Researcher NSC “Institute for Agrarian Economics”: Until 2030 milk production in Ukraine will be decreasing

Now the world produces 876 million tons of milk. The dairy industry serves more than 7 billion consumers and provides a livelihood for 1 billion people involved in dairy chain. The world forecast for the development of the dairy industry was made public by the IFCN Dairy Research Network during the 19th International Dairy Conference, […]

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ORYSYA NIMCHENKO, Manufacturing Senior Manager, Dairy at “Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine” PepsiCo: Warranty of safety and quality of dairy products

First of all, our company plans its business on a long-term horizon. PepsiCo announced its strategy “Performance with Purpose” to reach Product, People and Planet goals for 2025. It means that we have already been working on expanding our new food products portfolio. We understand that competition will become tougher. Therefore reputation in the dairy […]

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