XIII National Conference with International Participation
April 22, 2021

Premier Hotel Rus, Kyiv, Ukraine

Organizers: Infagro, Dairy Union of Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

We invite representatives of dairy companies and milk producers, traders, dairy industry partner companies providing processing plants with equipment, transport, technologies, ingredients, special software, as well as representatives of international programs and projects working in the dairy sector to take part in the traditional annual DAIRY BUSINESS conference.

We are constantly updating the conference program:





In the difficult times of the beginning of the pandemic and the wave of increasing demand, the dairy industry of Ukraine was able to ensure uninterrupted production and supply of dairy products.  Ukrainian consumers did not feel a shortage of products. They finally appreciated the long shelf life of ultra-pasteurized milk and were buying were canned milk, which they were recently buying quite rarely.  Now, despite difficult conditions, dairy production continues although demand has expectedly fallen to normal levels.

In addition to the lockdown related issues making impact on all industry sectors, the work of dairy farmers is also affected by a painful introduction of the land market and expectation of real state support measures.  Raw milk production is reducing , . This leads to the decrease in dairy production.  Dairy exports have frozen. Low world dairy prices for exported dairy products do not add enthusiasm to Ukrainian producers, who have always directed a significant part of their production to foreign sales.

Imports of dairy products are growing at a frantic pace and put companies in a situation where the purchase of imported products for sale in the domestic market becomes more profitable than production.  At the same time, there is a demand for dairy products in the domestic market in Ukraine.  The trend of meeting this demand at the expense of imported dairy products is becoming increasingly apparent.  Domestic cheesemakers feel it more than others. Recently it also became a problem for producers of fresh dairy products.

We invite you to participate in the discussion on the issues important for the industry and the search for solutions to the industry problems.


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