IV All-Ukrainian Conference with Participation of Foreign Entities

24-25 November 2011

President Hotel, 12 Hospital’na, Kyiv, Ukraine

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The DAIRY BUSINESS Conference has become an important event for the dairy community of Ukraine. It gathers milk producers, dairy processors, dairy related industries professionals, traders, experts, as well as representatives of the government bodies.

On the 24thof November 2011 the IV All-Ukrainian Conference with International Participation is welcoming its participants in Kyiv to provide them with the opportunity to meet the key dairy industry people and have productive business discussions. This event is a good opportunity to communicate with the industry colleagues, speak on the season’s outcome and get the latest industry information to make your business more successful and profitable in 2012.



Current state and the prospects of Ukrainian dairy industry

During the last crisis years Ukrainian dairy industry has undergone considerable changes. The number of dairy processing enterprises was sharply reduced. Many dairies ceased expansion of production capabilities and reconstruction works. The dairy production volume dropped. At the same time not all the dairy market operators lost heart under these heavy conditions. This means we can hope for the industry revival in the nearest future. At the Conference the recognized dairy market experts will propose their view on the steps for stabilization.

Global tendencies in dairy industry

Dairy analysts believe that the global dairy market has already recovered after the financial crisis and in the nearest time the dairy production and consumption will be steadily growing.  New prospects are expecting the counties specializing in dairy export. The leaders of dairy industry from Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries will present the tendencies of dairy market development in their countries.

The state support to dairy industry

The year 2011 became notable for the considerable changes in the state regulation and support of the dairy industry. The shaped system of the subsidizing the milk producers, that had existed during 10 years, was abolished. It was the first time when there was introduced the intervention purchase of butter and dry milk by The Agrarian Fund. It was planned to appreciably increase the subsidies to the agrarians engaged in dairy husbandry. These changes have both positive and negative aspects. We are expecting representatives of the relevant ministries and departments, as well as government bodies to speak on these issues.

The ways of solving the problem of raw milk crisis in dairy industry

Despite the new governmental programs, in Ukraine milk production is steadily decreasing. There is a raw milk deficiency even in the season of its bulk purchase and processing, and this may serve the evidence that the problem exists. Actually, the country is on the verge of depending on dairy import. Well known agrarian specialists, dairy industry and professional unions who will take part in the Conference, will answer the question “How to solve the problem of raw milk shortage in Ukraine?”.

Quality and safety in dairy processing

The lack of quality milk in Ukraine is disastrous. This results in very high milk costs that lead to changes of traditional dairy processing technologies. Local dairies quite often resort to using milk components substitutes, and consumers get confused choosing the dairy products. The relevant state departments and market operators will report on the problems of quality and safety.

The market opportunities

The volume of dairy production is decreasing, as well as consumption. Internationally Ukraine becomes less known as a strong dairy exporter. The market operators are investigating the opportunities of raw milk and dairy products import. The presentation on the state of the dairy market and prospects of its development will be made by dairy business representatives and leading analysts.

Dairy science and technology

Several years of stagnation has led to understanding that changes in dairy industry are badly needed. The key managers of dairy enterprises start seeking the ways of resumption of technical extension otherwise it would be difficult not to lose ground in competitive fighting. The presentation on the new technologies and the ways of the dairies development will be made by dairy science representatives and partner companies operating on dairy market of Ukraine.


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