Time to be united to support Ukraine and the Single Market

EDA has conveyed its discontent over the fact that several Member States have, unilaterally, implemented trade restricting measures on the import of Ukrainian agri-food products, including dairy products, to the European Commission.

As EDA, we have clearly stated our support for the continuation of the European Commission’s zero quota, zero tariff approach when it comes to Ukrainian dairy exports to the EU. These exceptional times ask for unity rather than solo flying Member States putting the internal market at risk. Today we cannot see a market impact that would justify any restrictions on the import of Ukrainian dairy imports, and we therefore called upon the European Commission to defend the integrity of the Single Market and to uphold the special suspension for all tariffs and quotas.

Our special EU-Ukrainian dairy relationship was recently underlined with the attendance of the CEO of the Ukrainian Dairy Union at our latest EDA Dairy Policy Conference in March 2023.

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