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VASYL VINTONYAK, Director Infagro: The shortage of raw milk has dramatically changed the balance in foreign dairy trade

Previously, Ukrainian dairies had significant surpluses of raw milk in the summer and could use it for exports aimed production.  This year the situation has radically changed.  As early as in mid-summer, exports of dairy products began to fall sharply despite the relatively high prices on the world dairy market.  At the same time, there […]

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VASYL VINTONYAK, director Infagro analytical agency: Ukraine can painlessly do without the mass dairy imports only when milk production in the country significantly increases

Ukrainian dairy producers are now summing up the results of their half-year activities.  Few of them can boast of excellent results.  The profits of dairy farmers who had decent earnings in previous years, this year are very modest.  This is unusual for them and they almost do not increase production.  As expected, village households continue […]

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OLGA KOZAK, IFCN representative in Ukraine, Leading Researcher, NSC IAE: Imports of all types of dairy products in 2019 increased 1.7 times

Shortage of raw milk in Ukraine, as it was predicted by scientists of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, in 2019 led to the growth of imports of all types of dairy products. Global food market has adequately and promptly responded to a shortage of raw milk in Ukraine and filled it with ready-made dairy products […]

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