Raw milk market. Ukraine – 2016


The raw milk market, as well as Ukrainian economy in general, are in a serious crisis. The main reasons for the difficulties in dairy farming are low milk purchasing prices set by dairy processors and significant growth of production costs. The Russian ban on  imports of Ukrainian dairy to Russia and the world market low milk and dairy products prices also contribute to the complications.

Even if the world market of dairy products will improve soon, Ukrainian dairy farmers should expect a temporary worsening of working conditions. During a year or two the situation will be complicated. Purchasing prices for milk will not become higher than the world prices, as it has been before. The problems with loans will arise. Not all the companies will manage to stay on the market.

On the other hand, the cuts in dairy production and the shift from the export oriented to the balanced market model may change the rules for the operators of the dairy industry in Ukraine. Therefore, the farms that do not cease to work actively in crisis in the medium term will gain a chance for another strong round of dairy business development.

INFAGRO offers the detailed study of the situation in Ukrainian dairy farming and provides the forecast of its development in the report “Raw milk market – 2016”.

The main topics highlighted in the report:

  • production
  • procurement and processing
  • milk quality
  • balance, distribution, consumption, trade
  • economic efficiency of milk production
  • price trends
  • legislation and government support
  • the prospects of development
  • the world market and the Customs Union trends

The report contains 97 illustrations (charts, graphs, maps), 74 tables and detailed analysis based on the given information ranging from  the description of specific farms / enterprises and data for each region and nationwide to global indicators and forecasts of further development of the milk market.

Volume 213 pages
Price negotiable

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