Infagro works for those engaged in dairy business and those who are just about to join the dairy business community. Continuously tracking the state of the dairy markets of Ukraine, Poland and the world, communicating with dairy companies, professional industry organizations and the dairy industry suppliers, we constantly deal with updated information, analyse it and present in different formats depending on the purpose and scope of our customers’ tasks.


  • For those who want to obtain the latest information on the dairy markets of Ukraine, Poland and the world we release the bimonthly bulletin “Ukrainian and Russian dairy markets” containing brief analytical review of the markets developments over the past two weeks. The bulletin contains analysis of the raw milk market, the markets of key dairy products and forecast.


  • For dairy businessmen who operate in specific dairy product segments (cheese, milk powder, whole milk products, etc.) and need detailed and reliable information for strategy development and eIvaluation of their companies’competitive position, we annually release the analytical reports covering all the issues dairy operators need for making strategic business decisions. The possibility of free one year long counseling provided by Infagro experts goes as a bonus for buyers of the reports.


  • For all who need quality information on the markets of raw milk and dairy products and want to be updated on the latest novelties of Ukrainian dairy related legislation, the situation in dairy export and import, features of the regional trade and assortment policy Ukraine, we offer individual counseling and, if necessary, prepare the ad-hoc analytical report on the topic of customer’s specific interest.


  • For the companies interested in the level of competition on the local dairy market, we analyze the business environment and competitive position of Ukrainian dairy companies and prepare tailor made reports (annually, quarterly, monthly – depending on the customer’s needs).


  • For those who want to independently analyze a selected market segment, we compose the database selecting a set of indicators of customer’s choice:

– Product segments, sectors, regions, enterprises
– Production, consumption, domestic and foreign trade
– Prices, financial and economic indicators


  • For the companies supplying products and services to Ukrainian dairies and willing to learn more about their potential customers needs and informing them about the possibilities, we organize special seminars and meetings in a different format. The largest-scale event of this kind is the DAIRY BUSINESS National Conference with International Participation organized by Infagro in partnership with the Dairy Union in November since 2008.
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