SMPU does not support the idea of the “mirror measures”

The Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine (SMPU) does not support the proposed ban on the import of agricultural products from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria after September 16, even if the embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products stays in force.

“Mirror measures on our part will not bring anything except further escalation and closure of the EU market for our agricultural products and dairy products in particular. Therefore, we are categorically against such actions and rhetoric on the part of the authorities,” said Arsen Didur, Executive Director of the SMPU.

He said that instead of threats of the mirror actions, it is necessary to focus on the professional protection of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex, and in particular to develop public lobbying measures and to prove during negotiations with partners why the exports of quality and cheaper Ukrainian products to the EU is beneficial for the consumers of the European countries and how the EU will benefit from it.

SMPU is confident that introduction of alternative products to the EU market will strengthen the competition and stimulate the development of production in all trading countries.

“It is necessary to professionally defend our position and convince European consumers that cheaper Ukrainian crop production is a boon for Europe. This reasoning will form the basis of the agreement upon Ukraine’s accession to the EU. To prepare and defend it, we all need to make decisions with cool head and endurance. We fully support such an approach,” Didur said.

The SMPU emphasizes that certain influential groups do not want to have Ukraine as a competitor after Ukraine’s assession to the EU, so they are to blame for the sentiments regarding the prolongation of the ban of Ukrainian agricultural products.

“To give in to the actions undertaken by these provocateurs is imprudent and dangerous, because they expect that undertake emotional and thoughtless actions,” Arsen Didur believes.

As a reminder, from May 2 to September 16 this year, the EU ban on wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower imports from Ukraine is in effect in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria. In response to a possible extension of the embargo, Ukraine may consider mirror measures, as stated by Ukrainian officials.

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