Cheese market – 2018

In the last four years Ukrainian cheese market has dramatically changed, but unlike the changes of 2014-2016, now we can observe certain stabilization.

Experts believe that the crisis of Ukrainian cheese-making business is overcome and they are quite confident in the prospects of successful development of this market.

There will be no further decrease in production of cheese. The loss of external cheese markets has largely been compensated by export sales of cheese products. There is also hope for the growth of cheese consumption in Ukraine.

At the same time, cheese market operators should be aware of the business risks and provide for the ways to minimize them. It should be clear that the existing schemes for the export of cheese products can be shut and that chances of substantial increase in external sales of cheeses outside of Russia are minimal.

Therefore, first of all, Ukrainian cheese-makers should now focus on the domestic market. Unfortunately, there is no so much room in it, and in conditions of weak consumer demand it is possible to increase sales only at the expense of competitors’ share. This is very difficult. It is necessary to constantly invest in production and marketing. In general, in the current situation, it is a must to be one step ahead of competitors in all undertakings, because not all current operators will stay at the market next year.

Our new study “Cheese market” will help in your search for solutions to the urgent problems.

The main topics covered in the report are:

  • Production
  • Consumption
  • Trade
  • Export/ Import
  • Price trends
  • World market
  • Detailed analysis of the markets of importing countries
  • Peculiarities Customs Union countries’ market of cheese
  • Conclusions, recommendations

The work contains 161 figures (diagrams, graphs, maps), 28 tables and detailed analysis of the information, as well as forecasts of further market development.

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