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OLGA KOZAK, IFCN representative in Ukraine, Leading Researcher, NSC IAE: Imports of all types of dairy products in 2019 increased 1.7 times

Shortage of raw milk in Ukraine, as it was predicted by scientists of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, in 2019 led to the growth of imports of all types of dairy products. Global food market has adequately and promptly responded to a shortage of raw milk in Ukraine and filled it with ready-made dairy products […]

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VADYM CHAGAROVSKY, Board Chairman Dairy Union of Ukraine: What to do to save the country’s dairy industry

In 2019, production of domestic dairy products decreased by 5-6%.  The reason is a set of crises in the dairy industry. The current crisis is the predicted result of our government’s inaction in the years of independence.  Support for dairy cattle breeding in our country was minimal.  To stop the decline in milk production and […]

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Ukraine: Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture to discuss priorities of the state support for agriculture in 2020

On January 2,  an open meeting with agrarian associations was held under the chairmanship of Taras Vysotsky, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine . The participants had the opportunity to express their proposals on directions of the state support for 2020.

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