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LYUDMYLA KRYVOKHAT’KO, Deputy Director Infagro, Analyst: How the prospects of the global dairy market look like at the beginning of the year

Although after a fairly long lull in the world dairy market some recovery can be observed, it is still too early to talk about fundamental changes. In Oceania, where production is still seasonally active now, prices have strengthened. But this happened not because of improvement of the market situation, but because of the expected worse […]

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ROBERT SCHORSIJ, Managing Director Greenmark Dairy Ingredients: if the EU does not sell PI SMP now, then when?

In about four weeks’ time, the EU intervention program for Skimmed Milk Powder will end and it is doubtful the public intervention period will be extended as farm gate prices for June 2017, as reported by LTO, were in average € 33,69/100 kgs compared to € 25,14/1000 kgs in the same month last year. An […]

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