Cheese market – 2019

For the last five years Ukrainian cheese market has dramatically changed. In contrast to the period of 2014-2016, a certain stabilization has recently been noted. Operators assessed their capabilities to build certain strategies. Some of them did not manage to overcome the problems that had arisen. They switched to production of other dairy products. Some turned to large scale production of went to cheese products and someone tried to master the domestic market of real cheese.

Experts believe that the crisis of Ukrainian cheese business is over and it is quite likely that it will be successfully developing. There is big hope for gradual restoration of Ukrainians’ welfare and, as a result, growth of cheese consumption in the country.

However, alternative foreign markets for cheese trade have not been found and it is unlikely that the situation will change positively in the near future. Therefore, Ukrainian cheese makers should now focus primarily on the domestic market. Unfortunately, it is not that “elastic”, and considering that consumption of cheese may grow only slightly, sales can only be increased at the expence of competitors’ market share. In general, under current conditions in all their undertakings, cheese makers need to be one step ahead of their competitors, because next year not all of the current cheese makers will be operating on the market.

Our new research “Cheese market” will simplify the search for solutions to urgent problems.

The main topics covered in the report:
• Production
• Consumption
• Trade
• Export / Import
• Price trends
• Features of the global market
• Detailed market analysis of importing countries
• Features of the market of the countries of the Customs Union
• Conclusions, recommendations

The work contains 151 figures (diagrams, graphs, maps), 23 tables and a detailed analysis of the information, as well as a forecast for the future development of the market.

Volume 163 pages
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