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ARSEN DIDUR, Executive Director Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine: On the future of Ukrainian dairy industry

The war that russia started against Ukraine and the entire civilized world continues.  For two months of hostilities there has been caused enormous damage to economy of our country, including agriculture.  The sown areas have been shrunk, the seaports through which the main flow of food exports had been passing were blocked.  The world began […]

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ARSEN DIDUR, Executive Director of the Union of the Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine: The dairy industry of Ukraine has resumed stable work

The second month of the war. The shock of the first days is over. We can say that our dairy companies have re-established all logistic ties, except for exports. The state lent a hand by introducing the purchase of dairy products – cheese, butter, milk powder, condensed and UHT milk. Currently, 30% of dairy products […]

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VADYM CHAGAROVSKY, Chairman of the Dairy Union of Ukraine: I do not share optimism about the growth of consumption of dairy products in the country this year

Ukrainian milk prices are the third highest in Europe after Cyprus and Malta.  This was stated by Vadym Chagarovsky, Chairman of the Dairy Union of Ukraine. “Currently, Europe has accumulated a surplus of raw milk, and Ukraine is lacking it,” he said. “I do not share the optimistic forecast that consumption of dairy products this […]

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