Ukraine will reduce exports of butter

In Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, prices of butter continue to fall.  This is logical, if we take into account the share of exports in total sales.  INFAGRO

However, the rate of the price decline in Ukraine is not as fast as in Europe.  Stocks of the product are now small, and this allows manufacturers to limit exports, concentrating on the domestic market.

European traders have significantly reduced their interest in purchasing Ukrainian butter and offer exporters prices that cannot be interesting for them.  In addition, domestic prices are now more attractive than those offered by European traders.

Taking into account current market conditions, in the coming weeks butter exports will significantly decrease.  Last month, it was reduced by 37% to a thousand tons.  At the same time, the share of deliveries to EU countries has significantly decreased.

In general, ladt year exports of butter increased by 29% up to more than 14,000 tons. In addition, 340 tons of milk fat were exported.  The lion’s share of deliveries went to EU countries, most of them were directed to Poland.  Significant purchases of Ukrainian butter were made by Moldova and Azerbaijan.

In 2023, exports of butter are likely to decline due to both reduced production and consumption which is likely to grow.


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