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ROLAND SOSSNA, Editor International Dairy Magazine: recovery will take more time. The US market is better off that that in the EU


The latest and recent intervention of SMP in Europe was in effect unable to clear the milk protein markets from oversupply. Admittedly, product has gone on stock so that it needn’t be sold into markets at once. But that same SMP that is already in storage or is going  into storage, will return one day. [...]

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ORYSYA NIMCHENKO, Manufacturing Senior Manager, Dairy at “Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine” PepsiCo: Warranty of safety and quality of dairy products


First of all, our company plans its business on a long-term horizon. PepsiCo announced its strategy “Performance with Purpose” to reach Product, People and Planet goals for 2025. It means that we have already been working on expanding our new food products portfolio. We understand that competition will become tougher. Therefore reputation in the dairy [...]

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VADYM CHAGAROVSKY, Board Chairman Dairy Union of Ukraine: what the ban of the second grade milk means


In my opinion, the talks about the ban of the second grade milk are just media hype. Such talks – on how to ban the second grade milk that does not meet European standards – has been periodically raised since 2010-2012. There have been several active periods of discussion, when the theme of the cancellation [...]

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MUSTAPHA KADHEM KHAFADJI, Deputy Vice President of Al-Khafadji Group: on the opportunities of Ukrainian dairy exports to Iraq


We got interested in Ukrainian milk exports to the market of Iraq almost a year and a half ago. We studied the options of Ukrainian dairy products supply to Iraq, met with one of the dairy companies, held negotiations. It turned out that there was a problem with packaging. I mean that Ukrainian dairies do [...]

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ALEXEY BOGDANOV, Chief Main Department of Foreign Economic Activity, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Republic of Belarus: Belarus has never worked against anyone


This week the Republic of Belarus reduced the minimum recommended export prices for dairy products. The decision was made at the meeting headed by the Minister of Agriculture Leonid Zayets. Alexey Bogdanov, Chief of the Main Department of Foreign Economic Activity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, commented on the [...]

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OLEG SHVETS, Chief Specialist on Nutrition Ministry of Health of Ukraine: In making choice of food Ukrainians should be guided not by rumors and advertisements, but expert advice


Recently the Ministry of Health of Ukraine published the Draft Order “On approval of the norms of physiological needs of the population of Ukraine in nutrients and energy.” Like all regulatory documents that somehow affect the consumer basket of food and budgetary costs, the development of this document was not easy. But the update is [...]

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ROLAND SOSSNA, Editor International Dairy Magazine: Global Dairy Trade will stay THE benchmark


Global Dairy Trade has not been setting, but – let’s say benchmarking the worldwide prices for dairy commodities for almost a decade. From a relative small start with only Fonterra behind it selling WMP only, Global Dairy Trade has developed into a platform that trades eight commodity items from handful of manufacturers that belong quite [...]

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