I All-Ukrainian Conference with International Participation

19 March, 2008
International Exhibition Center
15 Brovarsky Ave, Congress Hall
Kiev, Ukraine

Dairy Union of Ukraine
Ice Cream & Frozen Food Association

March is a month when all Ukrainian dairy events are traditionally held. New dairy season starts also in March, as well as just this month the dairy market operators make their final decisions on the forthcoming marketing year. This is why the organizers decided to hold the 1-st DAIRY BUSINESS conference in March.

Changes on the world dairy markets

In 2007 the world markets showed significant growth of prices for dairy products. Being one of the biggest world dairy exporters, Ukraine has made a good benefit of this situation. Will the situation of the world market be the same favorable for the country in the future?

Dairy business in Ukraine

The country is steadily increasing dairy production. Interest in dairy business is constantly growing. The process of business consolidation continues. Investors are ready to invest, but unfortunately, not all of the market players can see the prospect of further successful development of their business.

The future of Ukrainian dairy after joining WTO

Very soon, Ukraine will become a WTO member. Is this good or bad? Most of the market participants in Ukraine have not yet realized all positive and negative aspects of such membership. Experts will try to clarify how Ukrainian dairy producers should behave to stay on the market and benefit from the country membership in WTO.

When and how the quality milk deficit problem will be solved?

In 2007 milk production in Ukraine decreased by more than a million tons. Will this decline continue? Will the Program of Development of Livestock in Ukraine get working? Can we trust the promises of the government? The representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and livestock industry professionals will answer these questions.

Ukrainian dairy market environment

Domestic dairy consumption is growing steadily, but stable production increase is observed only in whole milk products segment. After the crisis in 2006, production of cheese has been resumed. Dairies showed more interest in production of milk powder and whey. Production and export of butter and casein dropped down. Will these tendencies remain the same in the future? Dairy producers and experts will answer these questions.

Advanced technologies and modern solutions for Ukrainian dairy industry

How to make quality products from milk produced in Ukraine? How to increase production and reduce the cost? How to make products competitive? Solutions to problems will be presented by leading experts.

The organizers express their sincere gratitude to sponsoring companies,
speakers and delegates.
Good luck and welcome to the DAIRY BUSINESS – 2009!

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