Ukraine is implementing the European certification system for food exports

Starting January 15, 2024, Ukraine is set to make a significant shift towards utilizing the online platform of the Euro Commission, known as TRACES NT, for the certification and facilitation of export, import, and transit processes involving animals, animal and vegetable products, food items, and feed.

This was reported by the press service of the State Production and Consumer Services of Ukraine.

The implementation of the specified system should significantly simplify the formal procedures for the export and transit of food products to the territory of the European Union when crossing the state border of Ukraine.

The scope of types of food products, the certification of which will be carried out using TRACES NT, is determined by the forms of certificates adapted and integrated into the system, in particular:

  • official certificates for importing eggs and egg products intended for human consumption into the European Union;
  • an official certificate for the import into the European Union of dairy products intended for human consumption that are subject to specific treatment to reduce risks other than pasteurization (MODEL DAIRY-PRODUCTS-ST);
  • an official certificate for the import into the EU of meat semi-finished products intended for human consumption (MODEL MP-PREP);
  • official certificate for import into the Union of fresh meat intended for human consumption (MODEL POU), etc.

“In the process of adaptation and implementation of certificate forms in TRACES NT, this list will be supplemented,” the message emphasizes.

The department also noted that in order to avoid unreasonable delays during cargo certification, it is proposed to implement a number of preparatory measures.

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