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Earlier, Ukraine has been among the major players in the global dairy market. But during 2005-2010 there occured a substantial reduction in milk production and dairies got reoriented to produce more profitable dairy produce. Then milk powder production in the country and milk powder exports significantly declined.

First the trade wars and further the war with RF have changed Ukrainian dairy market trends. Having lost the ability to supply cheese to Russia, processors are forced to rely on the mass production of alternative products. This means that in recent years production of milk powder has significantly increased. During 2014-2016 milk powder average exports increased almost 2.5 times compared to pre-crisis 2013. But further increase of milk powder production in Ukraine in the coming years is unlikely. There is just not enough raw milk.

Considering current, very difficult conditions on the dairy market, only the strongest players will stay on the market, those capable to promptly and effectively respond to the changing market conditions. This requires deep understanding of the market specifics, including knowledge of both raw milk production within the country and forecasts for the global dairy market.

The proposed report will help you make the right decisions.

Main topics covered in the report:

• Production
• Consumption
• Internal and external trade
• Price trends
• Features of the global market
• Features of the market of the Customs Union
• Conclusions and recommendations

The report contains 85 images (charts, graphs), 17 tables and the detailed analysis of the information available, as well as forecasts of the milk powder market developments.

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