Consumption of dairy products in Ukraine is growing, dairy farmership in crisis

This year consumption of dairy products in Ukraine has significantly grown.  This relates to fresh dairy products, cheeses and butter.  The only bad thing is that the growth of the market is due to significant increase in dairy imports.  INFAGRO

Now it is difficult to predict how the country’s economy will develop next year, but according to many analysts it is not likely that problems can be avoided.  So, seems that next year Ukrainians will not be capable to buy as many dairy products as they do this year, especially if these products become more expensive.

Unfortunately, there is also no ground to predict bright prospects for the development of dairy farming.  So far, it seems that even if the government significantly increases its support for the livestock sector, this will hardly lead to a noticeable increase in investments.

Neither last nor this year, despite existence of the state support programs, agrarians were in no hurry to take the money from the government.  In particular, last year, only one third (UAH 2.2 billion) of the budget allocated for this purpuse was spent. During 10 months of this year only UAH 1.8 billion were used. So the requests of dairy associations to increase the amount of the state support for agrarians up to 8 billion in 2021 budget loses all meaning.  Either Ukrainian agricultural producers (including dairy farming) do not want to work transparently and do not meet the requirements for candidates for subsidies, or they set themselves completely different tasks for the coming years.  Most likely, agrarians are accumulating funds for the acquisition of land, postponing the solution of all other tasks until later.


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