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SVITLANA ZHAGLOVA, Director Department of Milk Procurement, “Cheese Club”: Optimistically about the raw milk market and the categories of milk suppliers

Analyzing the current state of our raw milk market, we can see that over the past 5 years it has been quite stable. There is milk provided by farms and by rural households. The milk produced in households unfortunately keeps bigger share. I say “unfortunately”, because this milk is not safe, and its supply chain […]

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VADYM CHAGAROVSKY, Chair Council of Directors, Dairy Union of Ukraine: How to develop the sector of private household dairy farms

Let’s start with the fact that in our country the talks on the plight of the rural population arise with certain periodicity. All our elections campaigns readily use the slogans on poor peasants. Today they are really poor and political slogans make the impression that politicians are trying to help farmers. But they are just […]

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