Ukraine: dairy exports to decline, imports to grow

Ukrainian dairy export is logically declining. The raw milk deficit in dairy production and uncompetitively high prices of the offered goods also impact the situation. – INFAGRO

As a result, in July, when raw milk price only began to rise, in comparison with the previous month some increase in exports occurred only in the category of cheese products and whey.

The most noticeable was reduction in shipments  of butter and milk powder.

Comparing exports figures with those of last year, we can observe an even more deplorable picture. Only exports of WMP  and spreads got improved.

At the same time, the growth rate of dairy imports of dairy is gaining momentum. In just a month, purchases of fresh dairy products increased by 20%, and cheese by about a third.

The foreign trade trend will not change in the coming months – dairy exports will decline, imports will significantly increase.


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