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ROLAND SOSSNA, Editor International Dairy Magazine: Canada offers only little more access to its milk market

CETA, the little sister of TTIP, might finally be undersigned this autumn. While other sectors of the economy might benefit from the agreement between the Canadians and the Europeans, the advantages for the EU dairy sector will be limited. And in terms of milk exports, there isn’t much to gain for Canadian farmers anyway. The […]

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ANDRIY YARMAK, economist TCIN FAO: On the dairy processors associations and protection of reputation of dairies

INFAGRO: In your opinion, how a professional association of dairy processors should act to be effective in providing technical support to dairies and promote Ukrainian dairy products to foreign markets? The most successful association of manufacturers of various products is usually organized so as to guarantee transparent and competitive business environment to its members and […]

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ALEXEY BOGDANOV, Head Main Department for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Republic of Belarus: оn the diversification of Belarusian dairy export

Indeed, by the year 2020 Belarus is planning to increase the level of annual milk production to 9.2 mln t (the level of 2015 was 7,044 mln t). Of course, with such a significant increase in production we need to work on expanding the market by diversifying exports, as the markets of traditional partners in […]

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