Ukraine: Butter supplies from Belarus are growing

Ukraine continues to export butter. Export sales prices are often higher than domestic ones, which makes sellers want increase domestic prices. – INFAGRO

On the world market, butter has significantly risen in price, so there is no profitable import option in case of deficit, although it is now profitable to buy this product in Belarus.  Last month, butter imports to Ukraine rose to 450 tons exclusively due to supplies from Belarus.  It makes no sense to import butter from EU now.  In January, 54% of all imports of butter were from Belarus, 18% from the Netherlands, 16% from Germany.  The shares of other countries that supply butter to Ukraine did not exceed 5%.

Butter exports are declining, although they are still significant.  In January, about 700 tons of butter were exported from Ukraine.

The cost of spreads production is growing.  Therefore dairies have to reduce production and exports of this product.  In January, only 1.4 thousand tons of various vegetable and cream mixtures were exported.  In the coming months, one should not count on the growth of external sales.


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