Dairy imports to Russian Federation increased 6%


In Jan-May 2017 the volume of dairy imports to Russian Federation increased 6% compared to the same period in 2016 due to attractive prices for milk powder, butter, and cheese products.

This data is presented in the report of the MilkNews Analytical Center. The volume of imports is about 2.9 million tons (in terms of milk) for a total of $1,037 million (+ 42% by 2016). Major suppliers are: Republic of Belarus – 75%, New Zealand – 10%, Argentina – 3%, Uruguay – 3%, Turkey – 2%.

The largest increase in imports was noted in cheese products (+ 50%, growth was provided by the Republic of Belarus), butter (+ 21%, New Zealand, Argentina, but Republic of Belarus remains the largest supplier), ice cream (+15%, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Latvia, Spain), SMP (+12%, Turkey, Iran, New Zealand) and dried milk 1,5-27% fat. (+11%, Argentina, New Zealand, Uruguay).

Imports of milk whey (-33%), fresh dairy products (-15%), cheese sour milk (-8%), cheese (-6%) has decreased.

The increase in prices of raw milk in the domestic market contributes to the growth of cheaper imports of dairy products from the Republic of Belarus (the main foreign trade partner) and from third countries (New Zealand, Turkey, Argentina, Uruguay, Iran), while the quality of imported goods often is declared unsatisfactory, and attractive pricing proposals for imports contributes to activity of importers to the Russian market.

INFAGRO on the information of milknews.ru


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