Powders and Butter prices are stabilized in Russia

After notable jump in prices for commodity products in August, they stopped the growth in the beginning of September. 

Still a few weeks ago the traders bought up the stocks in Belarus, stimulating increase of prices there. Now volumes of butter on Russian market are essential enough.

So, prices have grown, and demand has weakened.

If vendors want to get rid of stocks in near future the prices may weaken. At the same time the traders may wait for renewal of demand.

This year is successful for Russian producers of milk powder. For a long time they have not produced such big volumes of the products.

For January-August, 65.5 ths tonnes of SMP were produced, which was 50.5% more, than for the same period of previous year. It was produced 34.4 ths tonnes of WMP, up 17.4%.

Therefore, despite beginning of autumn, the prices are stable. Due to additional deliveries from Belarus, the stocks in Russia are sufficient.

Source; infagro.com.ua

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