Whey Powder export drops down in Ukraine

There are almost no changes on whey powder market in October. Western traders and importers from the Post-Soviet countries do not change price policy and do not indulge by big volume contracts. 

Domestic sales are contracted at invariable prices.

Dematerialized whey powder is valued at UAH 12 500-13 000 /t, Standard – at 11 000 – 11 800/t on domestic market. Western traders value the products at USD 900/t and USD 800/t respectively.

In some cases it is possible to sell small volumes of dematerialized whey at USD 950. Deliveries of the products to Kazakhstan are mainly valued at USD 1000/t.

Weak external demand became the reason of further reduction of export. Ukraine exported only 1.1 ths t in September, which made a half of the volume exported a year ago. Less than a half of the volume was exported to CIS countries.

It is worth mentioning that recent ban of Russia on import of cheese product will cause considerable reduction of whey production in Ukraine. Therefore sellers will try to increase prices for the products.

Source: infagro.com.ua

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