Ukrainian Whey powder export looks profitable as for today

Expectations of vendors on increase of prices for whey powder were not realized. The risen in price offers were not in demand.

So, producers had to reduce the prices. It is said the confectioners and sausage factories strongly reduced the purchases recently. Only producers of canned milk still buy whey powder rather actively.

As a result, demineralized whey is bought at UAH 12000-12800/t, and standard products – at about UAH 10500/t in the end of November on domestic market.

Demineralized whey is exported at USD 800-830. It is possible to sell the products a little more expensively to Kazakhstan. At the same time the companies, trading on domestic market, may dump by export, as external sales is much more favorable than sales in Ukraine.

Internal prices will hardly fall in December, as production will fall due to decreased cheese production. And demand of Ukrainian consumers usually grows in the end of the year.


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