Ukraine’s dairy export value in 2015 was 40% less than in 2014

Results of export in 2015 are already available. Value was essentially reduced, but some products showed growth in export volume.

According to estimation the Ukraine’s dairy export value in 2015 made USD 375 mio, which was 40% less, than in 2014 and was almost halved in comparison with 2013.

World price collapse was the main reason, as export of all dry products considerably grew in comparison with previous year, sales of butter did not fall, it was sold much fresh milk products. Only export of cheese and spreads was essentially reduced.

At the same time it is worth mentioning that deliveries to Crimea were already in category of export in 2015, and in 2014 they were considered as export only in the fourth quarter.

Now foreign trade is at a standstill. Export was low and volumes were generally delivered under old contracts in the first half of the month. Russian ban on import and transit, adverse conditions of global markets and period of holidays were the reasons.

Considerable decline in export of the majority of dairy products, except butter and condensed milk, was observed last month. At the same time the results were quite good in comparison with December 2014.

Import of dairy products is low. It will be even lower in the first months of 2016, after all, some volumes of yogurt and processed cheese were imported from Russia still recently.

Revival of external sales is expected only by the end of winter.

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