Ukraine: Whey Powder’s prices are unreasonably low

Conditions are not improving on Ukrainian whey powder market. Demand is weak, or absolutely absent.

Situation is clear on domestic market – consumption is essentially declined. Attitude of traders is unclear. There are no obvious reasons for their trading passivity. Ukrainian exporters are already ready to sell the products at the prices much lower than their level on the world market. For example, price of demineralised whey at USD 700/t could already suit many operators. They probably would sell standard products even at USD 600.

There already no possibility for Ukrainian operators to count on expensive contracts to CIS, because of market collapse in Russia and, respectively, in Belarus.

By the way, Belarusians are now ready to be redirected from Russia to western markets, and it may be with use of dumping. It is said, they now offer whey powder even at USD 600.

Attitude of Belarusian sellers worsens already bad conditions for Ukrainian exporters. Western traders will press the prices even more, nodding to Belarus.


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