Ukraine: production of casein to reduce

The casein season is almost over. Only a couple of dairies continue production of small amounts of casein to fulfill old contracts. The business is not inspiring, no proper price both for casein itself and for by-product butter. – INFAGRO

Traders buy the remains of technical acid casein at 5000-5200 USD/t. Prices are low, but importers’ considerations are clearc – this the realitity of the world dairy market. For example, the New Zealand Fonterra sells its edible casein at the same price.

As already mentioned, casein warehouses in Ukraine are quickly emptying. Last month, 460 tons of goods were exported outside the country. In December, exports will be two times smaller. As before, Poland buys the lion’s share of Ukrainian casein (82%), the rest is supplied to the Netherlands, Germany, France and the Czech Republic.




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