Ukraine: milk production in dairy farms to grow, population shrinks production

According to the State Service of Statistics of Ukraine for 4 months of the current year milk production in Ukraine amounted to 2.8 million tons, which is 1.1% less than in the same period of 2017. – INFAGRO

The dynamics of changes in categories of producers is opposite, but symmetrical: production in farms has grown by 3.2%, production in rural households has declined by 3.1%. But, due to different shares of the categories in production volume, overall figure shows a decrease, which, of course, does not reflect real situation in processing, i.e. in the whole industry.

Unlike the previous year, the number of cows in households is decreasing more actively than that on farms, and this is logical. Therefore, this year the total number of cows in Ukraine is decreasing at a more noticeable rate: as of May 1, there were 2,032.4 thousand head of cows in the country, which is 3.8% less than the same date of the previous year. Livestock in agricultural enterprises declined by a positive-record for the last years -1.4%, which is a progress against the previous years’ stable -3-5%.

In the first half of May, the milk purchased from agricultural producers (dairy farms) was estimated in the range of 7.80-9.00 UAH/kg including VAT, the milk produced by population was traded at UAH 3.70-5.00/kg excluding VAT.


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