Ukraine: milk prices have stopped falling

The Ukrainian raw milk market has reached a long-awaited period of calm – INFAGRO.

Milk purchase prices last were revised in the twentieth of June and from that moment they have stayed fixed at the current level. It is possible to say that now we are observing the minimum milk price indices in 2016. What is the level?

The price range is:

  • milk produced by small farms is purchased for 0.17-0.20 EUR/kg (4.80-5.60 UAH/kg)
  • quality milk from dairy farms and holdings, depending on the volume of purchase, is valued at 0.20-0.22 EUR/kg (5.50-6.10 UAH/kg)
  • traditionally, the cheapest category in our country is milk purchased from households. Throughout almost all of the Ukraine processors are now paying for households’ milk 0.09-0.11 EUR/kg (2.50-3.00 UAH/kg). Some Western regions are the exception. For example, in some areas of Khmelnitsky region the price is about 0.14-0.15 EUR/kg (3.80-4.00 UAH/kg).



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