Ukraine: fresh dairy products and cheese production have grown

It is still too early to sum up the year for production of dairy products as there is not all the data available, but we can confidently note the growth trend in production of fresh dairy products and cheeses. – INFAGRO

It is expected that production of powdered and condensed milk for the year will be less than last year. Even production of butter, contrary to forecasts, will be lower.

If we evaluate the figures of the current production, in most cases they reflect the general annual trend. In November 2018, compared to November 2017, production of all powdered milk products, butter and cheese products has significantly decreased. Growth in production is observed only in the category of fresh dairy products (and even then not for all types) and cheeses (+ 11%).

In December, the trends did not change. Naturally, there will be no trading activity in the first half of January. Processors will be forced to redirect surplus raw materials to produce long-term storage products.


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