Ukraine: fresh dairy exports to drop, its imports to increase

On the eve of Easter consumption of fresh dairy products in many regions of Ukraine has decreased. At the same time it is unrealistic to sell its surplus for export, as it happens in other categories of dairy products. – INFAGRO

Despite the weak sales, manufacturers of fresh dairy do not lower prices to avoid further disputes with trade networks later in April. In some cases processors apply sales on discount.

In mid-March, cheap packaged fresh dairy products are sold by large operators mainly at the following prices:

milk 2,5%, pouches – 0.52 – 0.58 €/liter
kefir 2,5%, pouches – 0.60 – 0.68 €/liter
sour cream 15%, pouches – 1.29 €/kg
cottage cheese 9% – 2.76 – 3.07 €/kg

Prices for fresh dairy products will strengthen slightly in April, despite the projected decline in purchase proce of raw milk.

Exports of fresh dairy products remain profitable, but it is quite difficult to find exports opportunities for these products on foreign markets. From time to time it becomes possible to increase export sales of ultra-pasteurized milk a bit, but generally, last month even this category exports sales appeared to be a failure: in comparison with January, export of this milk dropped twice, to 700 tons, and in general, fresh dairy products were sold abroad only in quantity of 1,2 thousand tons. It is unlikely that exports of these products will increase dramatically in the near future.

At the same time imports of fresh dairy products is growing steadily. In February, 550 tons of fermenter milk products were imported into the country.


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