Ukraine: cheese products exports have significantly increased

The Ukrainian cheese-makers have not yet fully evaluated the pre-Christmas sales, but it looks like they had expected a better result. – INFAGRO

There is no increase in cheese prices. Traditional cheeses in the wholesale are sold at 135-150 UAH/kg, the same as it was on the New Year eve. For export, such products are currently offered at 4100-4400 USD/t.

Summing up the past year results, cheese-makers have some reasons to boast, especially those who are actively engaged in production of cheese products for foreign trade. According to the INFAGRO estimates, in 2017 it was exported 63.3 thousand tons of cheese which is 63% more than the official exports in 2016. It is also worth reminding that a record export of butter was achieved due to producers of cheese products.

In the sector of solid and semi-hard cheeses the “breakthrough”, unfortunately, have not yet happened. Exports of these products has increased by only 16%, to 7.3 ths. t. This is a tiny volume, and it is not much less than imports of this category of cheeses (3.9 ths. t, excluding the smuggled cheese from Poland).

As to the current situation in cheese and cheese products foreign trade, we should note a slight decrease in exports and a significant increase in imports. This trend will not change radically in the near future. Cheese imports will be increasing, because even with the devaluation of hryvnia, the European make Gouda / Edam can be purchased at 120 USD/kg (including customs clearance).


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