Ukraine: cheese production is expected to shrink

The mood of Ukrainian cheese makers is getting worse.  They are trying to sell their product at a high price, realizing that considering competition with imported cheeses, keeping price high will not last long.  INFAGRO

Ultimately, reduction in cheese production in Ukraine cannot be avoided.  Surprisingly, its output remained high long enough with growing imports.  In particular, in the first half of the year, 56 thousand tons of rennet cheese (together with the cheese product) were produced in Ukraine, which is only 8% less than last year.

In the second half of the year, the rate of reduction in cheese production should accelerate.  Perhaps even the rating of top producers will change.  It is possible that some companies will even have to leave the market.

The top producers keep basic prices for traditional cheeses stable so far.  For trade networks they often make a solid discount, up to 20%, and sometimes even more.  The main operators have already increased the export price.  They are also likely to raise domestic prices in August for September deliveries by 3-5%.


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