Ukraine: cheese production active, prices to go down


The trade restrictions imposed by Belarus in early April have affected Ukrainian cheese product trade and forced many Ukrainian cheese exporters to work out new trade schemes. At the same time it contributed to some stabilization in cheese making industry. – INFAGRO

One way or another, but now cheese manufacturers began to reduce prices both of the cheese product, and cheese. In late April, the leading manufacturers were selling traditional cheese – large in a large opte for 115-135 UAH/kg.

Export prices have also dropped. “Rossiysky” cheese is exported to Kazakhstan at a price of 3900-4000 USD/t, and even cheaper to other countries. For cheese products importers mainly paid 2200-2400 USD/t.

Cheese production is active and stocks are growing. According to official statistics, last month in Ukraine production of rennet cheese increased by almost a quarter, to 8.2 thousand tons. Production of cheese products increased by 45%, to 6.7 thousand tons. Due to the increase of stocks the prices for cheese will decrease.

INFAGRO analysts do not expect significant reduction in cheese production in May, as now it is much cheaper to use milk for the production of cheese than to make milk powder. Cheese makers will be trying to increase sales reducing prices for the product.


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