Ukraine: Active exports of butter are pushing up domestic prices

In Europe and Belarus butter prices have fallen, but Ukrainian butter is invariably more expensive. And its prices will be rising until it becomes profitable to import it from abroad. – INFAGRO

The main reason for the projected price growth is its off-season active exports due to more favorable prices compared to domestic ones.

Last month, almost 1,600 tons of butter were exported from the country. And in general for the year, despite a significant reduction in production and imports, butter exports fell by only 4% to 10.9 thousand tons. In December, most Ukrainian butter was supplied to Kazakhstan (33%), Moldova (30%), Azerbaijan 12%), Georgia (11%) and Israel (6%).

Annual butter imports decreased by 20% compared to 2020. In December the main butter suppliers in December were the United Kingdom (37%), Germany (24%), France (10%), Belarus (8%) and Poland (5%).


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