The price rollback on Ukrainian whey powder market

On Ukrainian whey powder market there was the price rollback. The main reason is the drop of external sales with simultaneous active whey production as background  – INFAGRO

It is worth mentioning that until recently the price of whey powder was making domestic sales was more profitable than exports.

As a result in mid-October demineralised whey in Ukraine was sold for 23500-24500 UAH/t. The standard whey was sold for less than 22000 UAH/t.

The export prices have not changed radically. Only in rare cases operators can sell whey for 800 USD/t, but mostly it is contracted at 760-780 USD/t.

Considering the growing stores of the product and the global dairy market situation, exports prices for Ukrainian whey powder will not grow too much in the near future.

Seems, holding the product in store since mid September in anticipation of better prices might have been in vain. Just this was the reason for the September decrease of whey powder sales in Ukraine by almost 30%, down to 1470 tons.

Taking into account the domestic price rollback, the number of foreign trade whey powder transactions in October is expected to increase even if the price does not rise.


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