The flow of cheap European cheeses to Ukraine does not dry out

Lower prices for raw milk and a relatively normal consumer demand made the market conditions favorable for domestic cheese makers to make good money. But there is one serious problem – the flow of cheap European cheeses to Ukraine does not dry out. – INFAGRO

Competition with imported cheeses makes domestic cheese-makers sell with big discounts on base prices in the range of 145-165 UAH/kg.

Now it is a little easier for operators to reach bazaars to market their produce. Resuming the work of the HoReCa segment is still a problem, but in the near future this channel also seems to start working.

Deliveries to Kazakhstan, which is the main importer of Ukrainian cheese, are still highly dependent on the lockdown limitations. Kazakhstan is now not ready to buy cheese and cheese products in previous volumes and lowers the prices of demand.

In April, import of cheeses decreased, but still amounted to about 2.5 thousand tons (including 1.6 thousand tons of hard cheese), which is 2.2 times more than in April last year. In May, it is unlikely that cheese imports will continue to decline.


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