The export prices for Ukrainian cheese products are growing


Despite the relatively weak demand, in August Ukrainian cheese producers intensified their activity. While raw milk prices have not increased much, they are filling warehouses. But even large stocks do not prevent the cheese producers to raise prices. – INFAGRO

For the first time since this year spring many market operators have increased the selling price for September by 3-4%. Now the leading manufacturers make their large wholesale offers of cheese to distributors at 85-94 UAH/kg. Their attempts to increase the cheese export price have not had much success. It is difficult to convince Kazakh buyers of the need to increase the price because of the problem of cargo transit from Ukraine. In most cases they set contracts for Ukrainian cheeses at 3,300-3,500 USD/t FCA.

But due to the development of new schemes of foreign sales it became possible to significantly increase export prices for cheese products. Now this product is sold in Ukraine at the price of approximately 2,200 USD/t.

Due to the increased exports, the manufacturing of cheese products in Ukraine in the last months has grown by 16% to 6.4 thousand tons. But production of cheese in the same month dropped by 7%, down to 7.4 thousand tons. INFAGRO prognosis for August data shows the production growth of both cheese and cheese products.



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