Russia removes Belarussian dairy import ban

In the end of the year Belarus could arrange with Russia a renewal of deliveries. 

Babushkina Krynka, Rogachevsky DP and other plants got access to the Russian market again.

It seemed that export of dairy products to Russia would be stopped completely after weakening of RUB. Indicatives in dollars seemed already very high for Russian traders, and many operators forecasted calm on the market till the end of all January holidays.

But Central Bank of Russia managed to rehabilitate partially the national currency, therefore traders hastened to make breakthrough at favorable prices. After all, it is not clear what will be next year. There were sales on Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE), and “gray” sales.

For now Belarus do not refuse idea of floor prices in dollar equivalent, and there are almost no ruble prices in offers on BUCE.

It is very difficult to forecast the development of Belarusian dairy market next month, not to mention the next year. Belarusians watch the development of economic situation in Russia, as there are no alternative markets for them. Statements of the President about diversification of food export, seemingly, are not taken seriously even in the Republic.


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