Prices of whey powder are record low in Russia

In Russia the production of whey powder is increasing every month in comparison with similar period of last year. 

Volumes of whey powder production are almost uncontrollable at all Russian cheese plants, as it is a by-product of processing.

Supply is already obviously exceeds the demand. Therefore purchases of Belarusian products are needed only in category of high quality demineralised whey.

Moreover the prices are already at that level when it is possible to export the products from Russia. That kind of offers already appeared in March. Russia starts to export dairy products (whey powder). That has not occurred for last 15 years.

It is theoretically possible to sell the standard whey powder from Russia at USD 600-650/t, as the products cost RUB 37-40/kg on domestic market.

Demineralised whey is valued at RUB 40-45/kg. It mainly represented by “grey” import from Belarus. Sales were not observed at BUCE last weeks.

 Producers have to look for foreign markets or to reduce the production. Otherwise the prices will fall further. They are already record low for the last three years.

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