In Russia, due to the pandemic, ration coupons may be introduced

In Russia, food producers and suppliers called on the government to unfreeze the Ministry of Industry and Trade project on ration coupons which was aimed at providing food to the least wealthy citizens of the country.

According to the project’s initiators, 800 billion rubles are required to finance the project from May to December 2020.  10 million Russians will be provided with the coupons worth the amount of 10 thousand rubles per month.

It is proposed to provide those who lost their jobs or income due to restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic with the “federal budget loan commitments” to be used for buying food products.

“This measure will not only support citizens whose income has become insufficient to meet their immediate needs for the reasons beyond their control.This will also increase the solvent demand for the products of Russian enterprises and help them maintain jobs and business stability of sellers and suppliers of such products”.

The initiative is explained by the importance of making “significant food and other essential goods accessible for the population” in the extreme conditions of protection against the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation developed the food aid strategy in the fall of 2015.  It involves accruing to needy citizens on special coupons  in “cash equivalents” (points or bonuses) for purchase of Russian-made products – vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, poultry, fish, as well as seeds and seedlings.

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