Belarus: 94% of whey is directed into processing


Maria Klimova, Deputy Head Main Food Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus, provided the data on whey processing during a speech at the  international seminar of the Kieselmann in Minsk.

Belarusian enterprises send about 94.1% of whey they produce to industrial processing, said Maria Klimova. – It is almost 2.5 thousand tons.

At the same time, in Brest region 99.4% of whey goes into industrial processing, in Mogilyov region 99.5%, in Grodno region 96.2%, and in the rest almost 90%.

For comparison, in the EU countries, the processed whey indicator is about 80%, while in Germany 240 factories dispose whey for production of biogas, in Norway up to 20% of whey is spent on production of whey cheeses, in Sweden 14% goes to production of lactose, in Austria 12% of whey goes into cosmetics industry. In Russia, Maria Klimova noted, according to unofficial data, about 50% of whey is processed, the rest goes to livestock feed.

Since 2018, in Belarus the amended requirements on heat treatment of whey have come into force. They imply that there is no need for mandatory heat treatment of whey, and this allows to send the product to animal feed, particularly in pig breeding.

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