Ukraine: supply of cheese is big, but it does not become cheaper

As a whole the situation looks strange on cheese market. There are big problems with sales, but production is growing, and the prices do not fall at all.

On the contrary, a number of large players plan the next increase of prices on home market for June.

Unlike internal prices, the operators do not manage to increase export prices. It is necessary to stimulate sales by their decrease more often.In the end ofMay they are basically at USD 3400-3700/t.

In the near future the export prices will probably decrease slightly more. Wish for increase of internal prices looks illogically. After all, the stocks are considerably increased on the market. Production was active enough.

It is worth mentioning the top of leading manufacturers is changing. Many plants start working to complete the stocks, and then stop again, reselling raw milk or directing it for production of milk powder.

If it is possible to partially renew at least cheese deliveries to Russia, production will grow further, otherwise it is unreasonably, at least till August.

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