The prices for Whey Powder in Russia are already higher than last winter

Judging by prompt increase of prices for whey powder in second half of summer, Russia is strongly dependent on import of these products. 

There are two types of demand for whey powder in Russia.

The first small group is buyers who stably buy European products of high quality. Belarusian, Russian or Ukrainian whey powder does not suit them. The second group buys only domestic cheap product.

For the first group of buyers deliveries of the products were stopped after the ban. The second group faced a problem of shortage on the market. Therefore the prices are already higher than they were last winter. Prices of domestic and Belarusian whey powder soared almost by 50% to RUR 65-75/kg in the end of summer in Russia.

Buyers became more cautious because of such high prices. They ceased to buy products for the future needs in hope for increase of supply by domestic and Belarusian producers. That may reduce appetites of vendors.


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