The cost of the whey powder in Russia beats records

Russian and Belarusian producers sell whey powder at record-high prices now, due to ban on European and Ukrainian products.

The prices for whey of Russian and Belarusian origin are already at RUR 70-80/kg. Even curd whey powder from Belarus is already offered at RUR 60/kg. The rests of European high-quality whey cost RUR 90-95/kg now.

In the near future the prices for whey powder will remain high. Only products from Argentina may be alternative to import from Belarus, but their prospective cost is about RUR 95/kg and quality is not known.

Nevertheless, this autumn supply of domestic and Belarusian whey powder will be essentially higher than a year ago. Therefore it may happen the prices will even fall in Russia by the end of autumn.

Positive moment is the whey from Argentina will enter Russian market soon, negative – the price for it will be at about RUR 100/kg.


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