Production of casein has almost ceased in Ukraine

Due to both seasonality and low demand prices on the external markets production of casein has almost ceased in Ukraine. – INFAGRO

However, a number of dairy market operators still have a certain amount of the product in store. They still hope for a casein price increase.

In the meantime, traders are in no hurry to indulge sellers. Only in rare cases they agree to pay over 5,500 USD/t for Ukrainian make casein. But as the importers’ stockpiles reduce, they will become more flexible regarding the price increase, because the world prices for the commodity are getting a bit higher.

Belarussian producers of casein make quite significant impact on the market. As they sell butter to Russia at a very high price, they do to bargain much selling casein. In recent years Belarus produces even bigger volumes of casein than Ukraine does, namely, about 250 t per month.

In Ukraine, in November 2016 there were produced 164 t of casein. In December the volume will be much lower.

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